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Parsing and asserting environment variables with Zod


First, we need to define a schema; my project relies on three environment variables. Translating to the following code:

import { z } from 'zod'

const schema = z.object({
  PORT: z.coerce.number().positive().default(3000),
  JWT_SECRET: z.string().min(6).max(256),
  MONGO_DSN: z.string().url(),

export const { PORT, JWT_SECRET, MONGO_DSN } = schema.parse(process.env)


  • PORT is absent during development mode and defaults to 3000.
  • JWT_SECRET is equals to secret, which is greater or equal to 6 and less than 256.
  • MONGO_DSN is mongodb://docker:docker@mongo:27017/ which is a valid URL.


To use is pretty simple. Just import it:

import { PORT, JWT_SECRET, MONGO_DSN } from './environment'

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Please refer to the official documentation