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My 2024 Setup

Software & Productivity

  1. brew as package manager
  2. asdf as language & tools management
  3. Zed as code editor
  4. Bear as notes keeping
  5. Firefox as browser
  6. Kagi as search engine
  7. ChatGPT as AI assistant
  8. Bruno as API client
  9. OrbStack as Docker desktop replacement, plus virtual machines
  10. Apple ecosystem for mail, calendar, reminders, music, messaging, and more.


As can be seen, I am using Kagi, which delivers excellent results without any garbage or ads, instead of Google. I also use email with my own domain through Apple’s iCloud email system, which allows for custom domains, as well as calendar and other features, all outside Google’s domain. Unfortunately, I have to maintain my Google account to use YouTube and occasionally for sites that do not allow creating accounts with a username and password, but only through Single Sign-On (SSO).