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Docker multi-stage build with Poetry

File structure

├── Dockerfile
├── Makefile
├── app
│   └──
├── poetry.lock
└── pyproject.toml


First, select a base image:

FROM python:3.11-slim AS base

Add the virtualenv’s binary directory to the search path

ENV PATH /opt/venv/bin:$PATH


Now install poetry using pip inside the virtualenv

RUN python -m venv venv
RUN pip install poetry
COPY pyproject.toml poetry.lock ./
RUN poetry config virtualenvs.create false
RUN poetry install --no-interaction --no-root --only main

Please note the flags used; first, we tell poetry not to create any virtualenv. Secondly, during the installation, we disable the installation of the root package (our project) and only the main dependencies, excluding the development one.

With these three flags, it is possible to install the dependencies using Poetry inside the docker environment.

Multi-stage build

We only want the dependencies and our app, a clean image. For this, we copy from the builder layer the virtualenv directory and add the app directory. With this, we only rebuild the builder layer when there is any dependency change.

FROM base
COPY --from=builder /opt/venv venv
COPY app app
CMD exec gunicorn --bind :$PORT app.main:app


This Makefile has a fall-back for new installations of docker-compose.

In some systems, it is Docker’s plugin, and in others, it is a separate program.

This Makefile solves this issue.

.PHONY: help run


SHELL := bash -eou pipefail

ifeq ($(shell command -v docker-compose;),)
  COMPOSE := docker compose
  COMPOSE := docker-compose

  awk 'BEGIN {FS = ":.*?## "} /^[a-zA-Z_-]+:.*?## / {printf "\033[36m%-30s\033[0m %s\n", $$1, $$2}' $(MAKEFILE_LIST)

run: ## Run the project using docker-compose
  $(COMPOSE) up --build

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