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Asynchronous and generator-based HTTP proxy in Python


I was excited to use Starlette ASGI framework, which is ideal for building async web services in Python and an HTTP proxy is a good exercise to practice.

My proxy should do two things: proxy the request and count how many calls its have.

  • For doing the HTTP request I choose httpx, which is an asynchronous HTTP client.
  • For counting how many requests the proxy had, I choose Redis, Redis has the incr operation which is perfect.


  • Uses multiple asynchronous functions in parallel where is possible
  • Small memory footprint, handles well small and big payloads using generators
  • Fast, totally asynchronous
  • Headers sent are preserved
  • Status code is passed through


@app.route("/{path}", methods=ALLOWED_METHODS)
async def proxy(request: Request) -> Response:
    response, _ = await asyncio.gather(
      , # repasses the body
                method=request.method,  # repasses the method
                headers=dict(request.headers.raw),  # repasses the headers
                url=request.url.path,  # repasses the path
            stream=True,  # this will enable the request to be processed into chunks, allowing us to use generators
        redis.incr(COUNTER_KEY),  # at the same time, increment the key on Redis

    return StreamingResponse(
        response.aiter_raw(),  # returns a generator which will be used by StreamingResponse
        headers=response.headers,  # repasses the headers
        status_code=response.status_code,  # repasses the status code
        background=BackgroundTask(response.aclose),  # close at the end of the transfer

And finally, the proxy has an endpoint to get the status

async def status(_: Request) -> Response:
    counter, uptime = await asyncio.gather(

    return JSONResponse(
            "counter": as_int_or_zero(counter),
            "uptime": (arrow.utcnow() - arrow.get(str(uptime))).seconds,

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